SAP Consultancy Services

CVK INFOTECH is a leading SAP consultancy and innovative technology company which specialises in SAP best practice solutions. Our areas of focus are Business Analysis and Implementation, Testing, Training and Application Support services.

Our premium range of SAP solutions have been devised to ensure that you can achieve and exceed your business objectives.


The best digital solutions are all about the people who manage them and our team is made up of industry experts with a combined wealth of experience in the field of SAP consulting.

We operate a highly collaborative and open culture where all ideas and effective execution are at the forefront of our activities. Our highly effective team is based in the UK and India to ensure they best levels of expertise combined with cost optimisation on all of the SAP requirements that we support.

Implementation & Testing

Our highly experienced SAP Solution Architects will work directly with your key stakeholders to identify those areas of your business that you feel would benefit from improvement.

We then map the requirements against a SAP road-map to provide you with our recommended solutions, the preferred approach for project implementation and indicative cost estimates. We ensure effective implementation with efficient testing programmes with have been devised to ensure minimum upheaval to your business processes.


We offer Train the Trainer services in SAP best practice methodology. Our bespoke learning solutions will support you and your colleagues to use technology effectively to deliver a high quality service in the sector in which you operate.

We take a friendly and personal approach to all training and work hard to ensure that users are fully comfortable with new systems and processes and happy to embrace and accept new ways of doing things

Application Support

Our flexible SAP Support model will be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our objective at all times is to ensure minimal upheaval to your business activities with a high quality service which ensures the smooth running of all processes.

Our effective support solutions cover everything from day to day questions and queries to complex issues and debugging of ABAP code.

SAP Implementation & Projects
Best practice solutions

Offering a wealth of experience and a highly skilled and motivated team, we are specialist SAP consultants with expertise in SAP best practice solutions.
Our objective is to ensure that our clients achieve digital excellence. As a growing consultancy we are highly driven and strive for innovation and quality at all times. We are specialists in the following S/4HANA and ECC6.0 modules:

Finance and Controlling (FICO)
Material Ledger
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Sales & Distribution (SD)
Cloud for Customer (C4C)
Integrated Logistics Management (MM & LE)
Human Capital Management (HCM)
ABAP development
SAP Implementation & Projects
Effective Implementation

Our experienced team of SAP Solution Architects will work closely with you to identify those areas of your business that you feel would benefit from improvement.

This process involves close interaction with your key stakeholders to identify any functionality which can be enhanced. One of our major strengths is our ability to work closely with your team and to really understand your organisation’s processes – this is an important element in helping us to establish exactly the right solutions for you.

We start by capturing thoughts, ideas and theories which we then map against the SAP road-map. Once we have completed this exercise we present our recommendations for improvements along with the appropriate SAP solutions. We always identify our preferred approach for project implementation along with indicative cost estimates.

SAP Implementation & Projects

'Test beyond the obvious'
The key to effective implementation is robust and effective testing. Because we are highly experienced with extensive industry knowledge, we are able to implement effective, high quality and cost effective testing which follows a strict project timeline to ensure minimal upheaval to your business processes.

We develop test scenarios by working with the key stakeholders in your organisation, understanding your own specific business process and requirements and with use-cases and functional and technical specifications.

We fully understand that we are dealing with business solutions and not just IT requirements. We always take the larger business picture into account to fully understand the interrelationship between software testing and business risks, and to identify any gaps beyond the obvious technical risks. To do this we combine customer-centric business models, critical thinking and our practised ability to profoundly understand your goals and challenges, which allows us to “Test beyond the obvious”.

For fully comprehensive support for your SAP Implementation and projects – please get in touch with us today.

SAP Application Support

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Comprehensive Application Support

As experts in SAP and with extensive experience of establishing the right SAP solutions, we are ideally placed to provide SAP Application Support to your business.

One size does not fit all, so our services will be entirely tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our expert team will work closely with you to establish your requirements and find exactly the right level of support for your needs. We support all SAP releases including the most recent enhancements.

In order to ensure that your business runs smoothly and to avoid the potential worry and upset that can occur when vital systems experience problems, we take a fully proactive approach to managing your SAP requirements. Our effective support mitigates the risk of problems occurring in the first place and deals swiftly and efficiently with any issues that may emerge.

We are available around the clock to respond when you need us and we provide all levels of support from day to day basic questions to complex issues and debugging of ABAP code.

For effective SAP support, you can rely on CVK INFOTECH.

SAP Training

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SAP Traning

As experts in SAP and with extensive experience of In order to support the implementation and smooth running of SAP in your business environment, we offer a choice of comprehensive SAP training options. Most popular is our ‘Train the Trainer’ option which ensures that your own internal practitioners can train their colleagues using SAP best practice methodology. All of our training programmes have been devised to support our customers to use technology in the most efficient and effective ways possible, to manage business processes and to deliver a quality service.

We Train the Trainer using SAP best practice methodology. We provide learning solutions that enable our customer to successfully deploy technology effectively to manage processes and deliver quality service.

Training is required when people are entirely new to SAP or are implementing new processes. New technology means changing the ways that things are done and how people do their day to day work. Our training programmes have been specifically designed to help your staff feel comfortable with new systems and business processes.

Why choose us for your SAP support and training?

Expert team

our in-house specialists have extensive knowledge. There is no SAP issue that we have not experienced or cannot deal with

Business focus

we are focused on your business and understand your specific needs. The application support that we provide is bespoke for your specific requirements

Round the clock services

our consistent quality services are area available whenever you need them

Friendly and professional services

At all time

A proactive approach

to all of your SAP business requirements